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We improve the future for people and companies!

Wise Consulting is the leading Nordic company within HR. We contribute to profitability and growth for our clients through business driven and passionate HR and leadership consultants/coaches. We offer services within HR, outplacement, change management and development. We target customers who have high ambitions for both their business and their employees - with passion for people and business, we make you and your company grow.

Wise Consulting

Wise Consulting is the leading consulting company
Our largest business is in the HR area.

For many years, we have built a fantastic team of professional and competent HR consultants who step out in various assignments and projects at our customers.

We are also a strong name in change management and outplacement, which was also the original business idea for Wise Consulting.

In 2014, we launched our leadership development business, Capacitet, whose goal is to develop leaders, employees and teams so that they reach their full potential.

When we asked our employees what drives them, the word development comes first. For us it is important that our employees constantly evolve and have the opportunity to do what they are passionate about.

Part of Wise Group

Wise Consulting is part of the Wise Group. Wise Group helps companies reach their goals through the power of people. People who use all their potential and power can do big things.

The name WISE is not only a very clever name of a knowledge-based company but is also linked to the surname of two of the founders; Stefan Wikström and Johan Segergren, who in 2001 chose to launch Wise Consulting together.

How did we get here?

There are several things that we think are distinctive with us and if we are to raise some, it is that we are extremely passionate and business-oriented; we have a strong will to constantly develop and to make a difference.

It may sound like cliché, but we get the same answer, regardless of whether we ask our employees, our partners or our customers. We are proud of that!

We can summarize that we currently having the best time in our career. We continue to grow through more employees, partners and customers.

We develop new and existing services, we are now in Sweden and Finland and with partners in Denmark and Norway. We only see opportunities.

We look forward in working with you too!



Stefan Wikström & Johan Segergren launches Wise Consulting and challenge the outplacement market in Sweden with new methods for career coaching.


We become a separate subsidiary of the Wise Group 2007. We expand by 300% between 2010-2012. From 15 to 50 employees and keep expanding our services


We launch Capacitet - Establish us in Finland - Now we are about 85 employees and are growing steadily. In 2016 we start one of Sweden's largest leadership podcasts, Påjobbet-podden!


We make each other better! Our culture is growing stronger and stronger and with an eNPS of 86, nobody is prouder than us.

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